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IQ 水泵变频控制器
IQ series frequency convention water supply contraller applied imported inner frequency convention device, there is no control panel, easy to install, only need to install the inner frequency convention device in the suitable place. The control device does not have requirement for the structure and form of the pump. But the device should be matched with th

motor. After commission, the device can be operated without the monitor of people.
Easy to use, only need to set the pressure, it can resume after electricity shut off. It is anti-frozen. It has low water protection. It can warn when failure. Low noise, low vibration, energy saving more than 60%. It is obvious that it can prevent from water hammer, keep pressure constant. All the flow parts are stainless steel. Appearance is beautiful.
Main application
The product can be used for stable water supply or boosting in normal families, high buildings, villas, hotels, etc. It can also be used for machine application and water supply for industry.
Boosting secondly on the roof of residential area or other place that is needed to be boosted for less water pressure.
Working Condition
Medium temperature: 0
+ 120;
Conveyed liquid: Clean water or liquid similar as water physically and chemically.
Ambient temperature: ≤ 40 ;
Maximum altitude: 1000 m;
Working Pressure: Please refer to performance curve(pdf file)

产品功率: 0.75-30kw
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